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The Girl With the Cinnamon Twist【電子書籍】[ Stephen Dennis ]

The Girl With the Cinnamon Twist【電子書籍】[ Stephen Dennis ]

<p>This romantic comedy is set in Colorado during the Vietnam war. It is a quirky coming of age story revolving around the unlikely romance of two people:<br /> ?Roger Munson, an idealistic new Air Force officer, fresh from college and a country club background and<br /> ?Maggie Meyers, a college student who lives a counter culture lifestyle and shares a house with a three people closely tied to the campus anti-war movement.<br /> Roger has no interest in a serious relationship. He just wants to complete his tour of duty, go home and join his father's engineering firm. But he finds himself drawn to this intriguing woman though he understands she is not “his type.” The Maggie friendship and her counter culture lifestyle draws the attention of a zealous security officer who suspects Roger is a security risk or possibly a spy.<br /> Just as Maggie’s feelings begin to grow she is convinced, by her roommates, that he is a spy; spying on her for the Air Force.<br /> Through the twists and turns of an evolving and then dissolving romance we see a troubled time through Roger’s naive eyes. While his assignment is safe, in America's heartland, his college friends are humping Vietnam's jungle trails in harms way. Lessons of childhood and college aged paradigms are challenged by the real world he hears of and experiences and the new world he sees in Maggie.<br /> Roger’s personal growth and unexpected love of Maggie leads to a surprise climax that unearths the real spy, puts his Maggie relationship on a new track and restores his reputation as an officer.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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